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segunda-feira, 9 de novembro de 2009


The year of 2010 show as a moment of choice and decision, well in which side are you? A moment to know who we really are and which will be our position! It is a moment to face our worst enemy, our fear and anger; moment to look inside of us and discover the answers.

In our day to day, in our little choices, even in the world issues this will be a year of a lot vital transformation, and two ways for sure.

For the astrology will be a year controlled by Venus, therefore a love energy, beauty, delight in the air bring up the necessity of understanding, the partnership and productivities unions. But at the same year, also is a tense aspect in the second quadrant in heaven between Saturn and Pluto, the same that pictured big world conflicts in the in the past. A World where the economy has the tendency to pass to a titer flow, starting big changes on the chair of power between nations. This tension will take us to possible conflicts between nations and also the empire fall. For the Chinese astrology, will be a year of the Metal Tiger, nourishing more this tendency see a year of a lot of energy, vitality, changes and quick transformation which certainly will not pass without been notice. Also is a year of controversy tendencies, contradiction aggressively and passion. The trust will be affect. But the tiger is going to bring a cleaning process of understanding and transformation, the soul purification, where we can bring out our best feelings, our positive talent, and our soul.

In the numerology will be a year controlled by he number 3, translating in growth, multiplication, expansion.


Since the Mayas, they anticipated in a such exact form the happenings, that we see in this days apocalypse prevision, many different previsions that points out to a world crises. We heard about the end of times and all kind of problems that we caused to the climate, to the natural flow, etc., capable of bringing the population to a state of collective fear, to desperation. But is that your choice? Is this really going to happening?

Each one of us can contribute for this, or not! We are the sum of our choices. We vibrate energy with our thoughts, emotions and attitudes. We are all responsible for the future happening, so we chose to be here and now, in this moment, to collaborate and contribute in a conscience form for the transformation that will come. Parallel the messages of chaos, a long time we heard about transformations that the humans will be passing in a positive and renovating form. More and more clearly, the message is been passing that we need to take position, make individual choices, that together will collaborate to the improvement of the whole.

There is a proverb which says: “It is in crises that we know the really nature of the individual, translating, it is in the worst view that we find our best feelings!” At this year, the necessity that counts it is the choice of feelings, which will make our conscience and the magic of transformation. It will need an appeal to your conscience. What values that really moves you? What is your best and what you can give to the world and the world gives you? What is really important, in the deep of my heart? If you chose your best, everything that goes to meet your soul, plus the sum of all of us, will change the prevision of desperation in hope for a free world and conscience of your whole. It is a time to hold hands to be a new country called Earth, which holds their independents of creeds, values, religions, races, nations, and the personal choices, forgetting the differences, appraising what really counts: Love! Therefore this is what moves us; make us wake up in the morning and work, make sacrifices, because there is in our heart a reason of love, even thou that we can’t see it.

We have to break the rule imposed by the materialism, indifference, incredulity and fatality. We need to grow, become adults and mature, we need to hold in our heart good values, be ethic, not only part time or sometimes, but all the time.

To hold this as a truth in your heart is a big transformation. And if we change a lot in our big and small attitudes, we will be the reason to continue to believe that nothing bad will happen and this is only a change of values necessary to our evolution.

The Emerald is a stone that will help us next year to conduct our inside transformations. This is a stone of magic, capable of making us access different grades of knowledge and insights. One beryl silicate, mineral with a spiritual connection that shows us the holly spiritual knowledge. It brings us the conscience; that is important to change, and the inside tools to face the best and worst of us depending of your choices. The beryl it’s a mineral that acts in our nervous system tuning our inside frequency with the spiritual frequency of equilibrium, cure, knowledge and transformation. Having conscience of our thoughts and our vibration can change the course of the happenings; not only in small things, but also in the big things and at once it is good to have it with you!

Motivating and with a big capacity of tuning with the moment and with our necessity of changing, the Emerald will help us understand our own process, and will conduct us to our best choices of values that belongs to our soul. Brings prosperity, because it value who has to be value: your soul, skills and capacities.

The Emerald is connected to Venus, also with Hermes the God of Magic. On it was written the principles of the Divine Nature, the Board of Emerald, and also considered the principles of magic. In it lives the comprehension of the necessity to collaborate with the divine proposes, where ever they will conduct us.

So conduct your choices! Choose with your heart! Each time the anger will be called answer with love; because the divine conscience lives in the love.

Good Choices in Your Way!

Angélica Lisanty
Fone: 55.11.5182.2122

Translation: Esmeralda de Jesus